THE OFFICIAL OTAKU/WEEB SECTION                                            

Initially, we started posting the lamps on our social media sites like  Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook just to show them off.

A couple of the posts actually ended going viral!  



We received so much love/support for the lamps that it was literally overwhelming!

Some of the originals lamps were given to fellow Otaku/Weebs as birthday gifts/presents ❤️

Tons of request kept getting sent to us and obviously we couldn’t keep supplying everyone with free lamps, so we hatched a plan that wouldn’t get us in trouble with the original anime creators.

This would allow us to distribute the lamps to more weebs/otakus at an affordable price.

We launched our first collection with 15 lamps.

Since then, we’ve managed to accumulate over 200+ products, mostly based on your recommendations ❤️

With that being said, our main goal is literally to make you guys happy and lighten your day, even if its just a little bit.